Banana ice cream for breakfast

I didn’t take pics of all my meals over the weekend but here’s a few.

Yesterday morning, I made banana ice cream for breakfast. I blended up two frozen bananas with about a tablespoon raw almond butter. The almond butter is optional of course, you can flavor banana ice cream about a million ways or eat it plain. Sometimes I add walnuts to mine or strawberries.

We ate out for lunch yesterday at The Loving Hut. I got the Loving Hut burger with chili “cheese” fries. It was my first time trying the chili fries and they were really good. The burger was amazing as always.

For dinner tonight, I made Cheezy Potato Broccoli soup based on this recipe from Healthy Happy Life. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and mine came out more like broccoli mashed potatoes but still delicious. Will definitely be making this again!

I also picked up some items from Trader Joes and Vons. Didn’t need much since I still have produce from my CSA basket. I got brown rice, lentils, brown rice pasta, baby carrots, strawberries, sprouted tofu, black beans, hummus, and heirloom tomatoes. I also picked up some frozen broccoli and kale chips that I forgot to put in the pic.